Hi. My name is Demetrius, but people call me DeJay (or just DJ) and I am a writer.

I write code and the story of my life. I have a very simple motto: "Peace,  but now that introductions are out of the way... let's get into this. I've been meaning to find a "purpose" to start this blog since the idea/inspiration came from a very good friend of mine, and I think I found it. The other day I attended a workshop simply called "Creative Writing: What's Your Story?" and it was only a few of us. 10 people attended, including the person who "ran" the talks.

We went around the room answering prompts given to us. He told us the room was our "safe space", that we were all strangers and nothing we say leaves the room.
We were asked three prompts:

  • Tell a story about someone/something you love or when you felt loved
  • Tell a story about your body (Injuries, so forth)
  • Write about your passion, then tell it to the group.

I took the last one a little literally, and now we're here. I ended up writing about something that's been on my mind for a while, and I wanted to share it on my own platform. Here's a copy of it:

For the longest time I've had two passions: Music/the arts, and my job as a programmer. They've always felt mutually exclusive of each other and I felt like I've had to pick one" for years.

That is, until I met someone special. I won't use her name. I don't really know why but I've always felt comfortable around her. There was a day where we were alone and I found the courage to sing to her when my passion was mentioned. She made me feel so much more comfortable with my voice and because of her instead of trying to simply "pick one", I'm rather trying to find a balance. I want to do what I love with and for the people I love.

I can't write a lot on paper very quickly, but I feel like I captured generally what I'm going for. I'm expecting at least one "let me hear you sing", and for the time being the answer is a big no. I'm confident in it, but not THAT confident in it, and when I am I hope you, the reader are there.

I'm keeping this one short, I don't really have a "schedule" as to when I want these to come out. I'll put up another post when I get subscriptions working for those interested.

I hope you follow me through the journey of my life ✌️️❤️➕